The Ultimate Decking Guide: Types of Decking & How To Pick The Best One

It is wise to know about the deck and its types, in order to choose the best one for your new home.  When you choose according to your wish as well as based on your house area, it will look natural and add some elegance and style to your home. 

First, understand and know about a deck.  A deck is a flat surface, like flooring which supports the adequate weight.  Usually, it is done at the outdoors, just above the ground.  It is either interconnected with the garden at one end and a house at the other end.

Depending upon the need of the individual, there are a number of decks available.  You need to think about the deck and its design, do some groundwork about the quality, approval, durability etc.

Let us learn the types of decking;

  • Cedar and redwood are the commonly used materials in the decking.   Both provide superior resistant quality against insects such as termites. It is also good in durability too.  Both redwood and cedar are fire resistant which may be an added advantage.
  • When there is high humidity, you can make use of pressure treated decking material which is good and suitable for the humid places.  It does not swell, resistant to insects and it will not split or shrink.  It gives enough shelf life too.
  • Metal decking material is also available but you need to ensure there is no water logging over the surface due to corrosion.  You can get different colors of metal which will suit in the right way.
  • Composite and plastic decking material gives good durability and is the best in quality.  Due to increased benefits, many of the landlords prefer this composite decking material since it not only adds attractiveness but also has increased shelf life.

Though there are many types of decking material available in the stores, it up to you to decide which type of decking material would be an ideal one for you.  You need to consider the following factors like budget, the beauty of the deck, the life of the deck, fire-resistant properties, and maintenance of the deck and so on.  Think well before making any purchase. …